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Types of Memorials and Monuments

Grass Flat Marker
Grass flat markers are typically flush with the ground and cast in a concrete foundation. Depending on cemetery requirements, they can also be set these slightly raised and at a bevel.
Bevel Marker/Pillow Top
Bevel or “Pillow Top” markers stand 6? or 8? tall in the back, tapering down to 4? or 6? in the front. The sloped face helps keep the lettering and design free of settled dirt and water.
Slant Memorial
Slants are upright memorials that offer design and lettering surfaces on both the front and the back of the stone. The height of the slant makes them more visible from a distance than the Grass or Bevel markers.
Monuments are upright memorials typically installed on a granite base, giving them stability, height and visibility. The granite base offers protection from potential mower damage over time. A special setting compound is used to create an air-tight seal between the monument and the base.

Your Unique Memorial or Monument

Each Memorial & Monument We Produce Includes:

  • All lettering on front side of memorial. (Additional cost on Slants & Uprights for back-lettering.)
  • Artwork Designs from our Design Portfolio.
  • Choice of Granite Color.
  • Personalized Layout - see a designed rendering of what your memorial or monument will look like. All rendered layouts are approved by you prior to production.
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Additional Things To Consider

Size and Shape

Do you need an individual or a companion marker or monument? Cemeteries may have restrictions on width & height, placement & openings for vases. Each of our sales representatives are well-equipped with current cemetery restrictions to help guide you through the process of deciding on the height, width and shape of the memorial you design.

Adding Accents

Boise Valley Monument offers a variety of accents to choose from when designing your memorial or monument, including a wide selection of stone granite colors. Marble and granite vases, various metal vases, porcelain photos, hero emblems and laser & diamond etchings are just some of the additional options to consider. Our professional sales representatives are committed to helping you design a memorial or monument unique to you.